In France there is a taboo around "food supplements". Reading these words resonates with an inability to manage one's diet and the need to be advised to avoid deficiencies.

At Nutri&Co, we refute these two assumptions and try to dispel the feeling of guilt they create:

---➤ First of all, there is no such thing as a perfect diet! While human beings are formidable adaptation machines, they are never perfectly adapted to a given environment and therefore never have 100% of their optimal contributions. 

---➤ Then comes this need for advice which often comes too late and for curing purposes.
In response, we propose the anticipation and the taking in hand that it supposes. This approach seems to us to be better suited to natural health products, on the condition that they become everyday reflexes.

Establishing this reflex with guilt-triggering terms doesn't work. Get rid of the term "dietary supplements."

We went in search of a more positive word capable of embodying this notion of reflex. It was at Vitafood 2018 that we found it. There, everyone was talking about "Nutra". After all, do you talk about "dermatological supplements" when you put a cream on your face? No, we're talking about the generic name of the industry: cosmetics. Well, ours is called Nutraceuticals...

For us, Nutraceuticals should be an everyday reflex in the same way as tooth brushing. Forgetting once is harmless, forgetting 20 years can cause serious deficiencies.

These formulas are not drugs and are not intended to "fix" you. Their benefits are most often expressed only after a recurrent and long term intake. This is how they will manage to make us more adapted to our environments. 

Just like a perfume bottle in our bathrooms, let's be proud of our nutraceuticals.

We want to bring together those who have made the choice to take charge, those who know that today's little reflexes can change everything tomorrow. Join our pro-nutraceutical movement!

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Edouard, JB and the whole Nutri&Co team.