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Female health

Cystitis, infections and urinary discomfort , heavy periods and menstrual pain < / span>… Women know it, these ailments can really ruin your life ...

Cystitis, infections and urinary discomfort , heavy periods and menstrual pain ... know, these ailments can really ruin your life.
Most often of bacterial origin, infections of the urinary tract result in clearly identifiable signs that 1 in 2 women will experience at least once in his life, with even recurrences: urgent urge to urinate, a burning sensation each time he goes to the toilet and low volume of urine. And if women are the most concerned, it is because their anatomy favors these inconveniences. In addition, there are favorable factors such as the first sexual intercourse, the period of menopause or too tight clothing, bathing in the sea, ...

It is known that a condition of the urinary tract can quickly escalate into cystitis and a larger infection if the problem is not taken seriously early on. This is why prevention turns out to be the best approach to avoid, on the one hand, arriving at a drug treatment for horses, such as antibiotics , and on the other hand, recurrence . Nutraceutical solutions exist and allow to act at the first signs. preventive ingredients are also recommended by health organizations specializing in urology such as cranberry or D-mannose , a sugar naturally present in our food. For a quick and effective response, you will need to check the high dosage of ingredients and make sure to drink a lot to promote elimination.

prevention is a key word for us! And that's why we have selected benchmark ingredients (plant extracts of cranberry, hibiscus and pomegranate, as well as D-mannose) highly documented to fight against urinary discomfort. In addition, we have designed the galenic for more efficiency: a soluble powder formula that encourages water intake and presented in a discreet and practical sachet to take in all circumstances .