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Dietary supplement toning


Low energy? Tiredness ? It's time to recharge the batteries! Our food supplements are excellent allies to help you regain tone and vitality.

fatigue is undoubtedly, after stress, the greatest evil in our society. In question ? A frantic pace of life, sometimes close to overwork , a lack of physical activity , or even sleep disturbed and insufficient.
But there is fatigue and fatigue, and properly identifying its origin allows us to better understand how to deal with it.

  • mental or intellectual fatigue concerns the brain and our central nervous system. It affects our cognitive functions by lowering our ability to pay attention and concentrate.
  • physical fatigue affects our musculoskeletal system causing feelings of muscle weakness and exhaustion, loss of energy general.

And whether physical or mental, fatigue causes a drop in vigilance and promotes nervousness and irritability . Fighting effectively against this modern day enemy is quite possible, but above all, we must identify its origin.

The good news is that in the fantasy world of supplements there are many anti-fatigue weapons .

  • Vitamin mix : because deficiencies in essential nutrients (and this happens much more easily than you think ...) can cause fatigue, some food supplements rely on cocktails of vitamins, minerals and other trace elements . But beware, these are long term solutions to fill temporary deficits, to be taken as a cure, and without an immediate “boost” effect.
  • Magnesium : it is undoubtedly THE anti-fatigue reflex par excellence. If the first generations are generally poorly tolerated at the digestive level or poorly assimilated, there are today very effective formulas and gentle on the intestines optimized thanks to absorption vectors (liposomal forms).
  • Toners : coffee, ginseng, guarana or even maca, ... so many “boost” ingredients that are the stars of stimulating energy formulas. Their secret form? Very specific molecules such as caffeine for coffee or ginsenosides for ginseng. Here too, two essential criteria to look for: their dosage and their evidence of clinical efficacy.

At Nutri & Co, we looked at all types of fatigue . And to help you overcome it, whatever its origin, our formulas assure you of the best: bio-identical vitamins , minerals with optimized assimilation , and plant extracts like our red ginseng and a mango polyphenol which have been clinically proven .