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Dietary supplement digestion


70% of our immune material is produced in the gut, so it's worth taking care of, right?

Among the health problems, digestive disorders appear as a major concern, and these inconveniences are manifested by different symptoms sometimes complex to characterize. Difficult digestion can mean painful bloating for some, intense heartburn for others, or even refer to a food intolerance or a irritable bowel .

Using food supplements is an increasingly popular approach. Yes, but there you have it, we still have to pinpoint the origin of the problem. Distinguishing dyspepsia (gastric disorders) from bowel or colon disorders, for example, is essential to adopting the correct answer.

Food supplements for digestion generally target two major areas of the digestive system:

  • The stomach , via solutions that target acidity to calm the fire, or digestive enzymes to cut everything out and make it“ go ”better.
  • The intestines (or the colon), with formulas dedicated to the health of the microbiota (or intestinal flora), even suitable for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

If food supplements for the well-being of the stomach are not necessarily suitable in case of dysbiosis (imbalance of the intestinal flora), they can however prove to be effective in case of gastric reflux , acidity or lactose intolerance.
Food supplements for intestinal health target above all the microbiota . And for bacteria in symbiosis, two approaches are possible: to feed our bacteria well with so-called prebiotics ingredients such as fibers , or to provide them with probiotics (we sometimes speak of lactic ferments) which will help rebalance all bacterial populations. The key to success may lie in their association: during cures, combining them can be particularly interesting to increase their respective benefits on the microbiota.

At Nutri & Co, we offer Nutraceutical solutions for all digestion issues. Whether they are intended for the well-being of the stomach or the intestine , all our formulas are rigorously designed to guarantee you optimal efficacy and safety. lactic ferments selected for their clinical evidence of efficacy , enzymes skillfully dosed and selected to overcome of all macronutrients, fibers tolerated in case of irritable intestine… so many weapons of mass digestion.