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Dietary supplement hair


With us, no far-fetched formulas! Discover the best of the food supplement for the hair of the woman and the man.

Seasonal changes , periods of stress but also hormonal variations , just like our body , our hair knows many annoyances and suffers the consequences! Accelerating their fall or their loss, weakening , their entire life cycle can be disrupted; what makes them dull, dry and brittle …. Goodbye dreamy hair!

The good news is that there is a plethora of dietary supplements to help with desperate hair and respond to different approaches to < strong> healthy hair.
While most Nutra formulas for beauty and vitality of hair provide needs (or limit the deficits) in essential nutrients (and it is necessary to start there first of all), there are more specific solutions, in particular on the hair loss .
By stimulating, for example, at the root, the growth of the hair (by acting in particular on the anagen phase of the hair's life cycle), certain food supplements, called “ anti-hair loss ”, reinforce the anchoring of the hair in the scalp while promoting its growth. Enough to help him stay hooked longer.
Other products capitalize on well-known assets such as keratin , cysteine ​​ or biotin . These compounds naturally present in the heart of the hair fiber act more in r strength for more resistant and shinier hair. And for the followers of vegan and natural, know that today there are d 'excellent alternatives to the well-known goose feather cysteine ​​and synthetic biotin.

At Nutri & Co, we offer Nutraceutical solutions for health and beauty of the hair which primarily ensure the needs in essential vitamins and minerals , and which go even further by really acting on the hair growth and slowing down their fall.
vitamins bio-identical , minerals with optimized assimilation , ingredients of plant origin (organic millet oil, organic biotin, etc.), high dosages with clinically proven efficacy , controlled traceability , nothing is left to chance because nothing is too good for your hair!