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Dietary supplement stress


Don't let stress overwhelm you! Our food supplements help you fight anxiety to naturally regain calm and serenity.

If it is often presented as THE evil of the 21st century, it is good to remember that stress is above all a physiological response natural in the face of danger. This well overused term actually refers to a set of natural physical and physiological reactions of the body in response to a so-called "stressful" situation. In short, human beings owe their survival to it! Yes but there you go, if a little stress is good, too much is not! And who in our society can boast of not feeling over-stressed? Pressure more or less important, overwork , so many factors that make stress a real health problem . From fatigue to exhaustion , and from irritability to exacerbated nervousness and continuous, stress can really ruin our lives.

Don't panic, this overwhelming state of anxiety is possible! anti-stress food supplements occupy most of the shelves of pharmacies. All forms of supplements exist, and even natural solutions , to respond optimally to all physiological forms of stress.
First reflex, a good magnesium cure . Who has never been prescribed magnesium capsules for stress relief? Indeed, a magnesium deficiency promotes anxiety while stress depletes our magnesium reserves; a bad vicious circle, therefore, which promotes nervousness.
Other approaches exist, such as solutions that facilitate falling asleep (with melatonin) or that act directly on mood . To each his own anti-stress solution.

At Nutri & Co, we offer solutions for each of the “states” of stress : whether it is to fight against nervousness , or facilitate falling asleep , or even help gain in concentration , our formulas assure you of the best. Ingredients that have been proven and ’optimized assimilation, everything is thought for efficiency! Beyond these first-reflex responses, we also bring you complementary responses against physical manifestations of stress such as fatigue or < strong> drop in tone , or even digestive disorders.