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Dietary supplement immunity


During intensive sports, in winter or during periods of intense stress, your immune system is weakened.
Use Nutra! Our products will be your allies to strengthen your natural defenses.

When it comes to health prevention, it's often about immunity. An effective immune system allows our body to defend itself against pathogens that can lead to infections. Boosting the natural defenses or strengthening the immune system, this is the promise of many food supplements.

  • Several parameters must be considered in order to take charge of our immune sphere: adapted nutritional intake: because there is no organism capable of defending itself effectively without sufficient intake of essential nutrients, the first reflex to adopt is to ensure our needs in vitamins (A, C, D, group B) and minerals (zinc, selenium, magnesium). Without these nutrients, our bodies cannot efficiently produce the building blocks for good immunity, such as immune cells.
  • the intestinal microbiota: it is in the intestine that a large number of immune cells are produced (macrophages, white blood cells, T lymphocytes, etc.) which allow us to fight against invaders. It is scientifically established that the balance of the intestinal microbiota is essential for the production of these cells, and therefore for the maintenance of effective natural defenses. Probiotics can therefore be very effective in boosting our immunity.

Food supplements for immunity

The good news is that Nutra has many effective solutions for our immunity. And supplementation is particularly indicated at the time of seasonal changes such as the approach of winter. For this, you can refer to:

  • vitamin and mineral mixes: by combining well-dosed essential nutrients, they generally make it possible to cover the recommended daily needs. The main nutrients to look for are vitamins A, C, D, group B vitamins (B9 and B12), as well as zinc, selenium.
  • ingredients that are good for the intestinal microbiota: with the intake of probiotics that help balance the microbiota, or even prebiotics, such as fibers that we frequently lack.

At Nutri & Co, no concessions are made on efficiency! This is why all of our vitamins and minerals are bioidentical to ensure their proper assimilation and proper use by the body. We have excluded from our formulas all pro-oxidant minerals such as copper and iron.
Our probiotic strains are also selected for their clinical documentation, reflecting their effectiveness, and we preferred to combine them with a flavonoid patented at prebiotic action.
And because every day 10g of dietary fiber is lacking in our diet, we recommend in addition additional contributions in organic soluble fibers (certified Low-FODMAPs fibers suitable for people suffering from irritable intestines).