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Dietary supplement articulations


With age or after intensive sports, you may suffer from joint pain.
Nutraceuticals is an effective solution to regain the health and flexibility of joints and bones.

With each movement, they can crack, squeak, squeal or simply be painful… Joints are a real public health concern and their ailments can considerably affect our daily lives. Initially, very often an alteration of the cartilage that covers the ends of the articular bones. EN allowing the proper sliding of the two parts of the joint, the cartilage contributes to joint comfort. With age or even under the effect of intense sports practice, its production by our body decreases and feelings of discomfort gradually appear ... To this is added the decrease in synovial fluid rich in hyaluronic acid and which, like a gear oil, helps the good mechanics of the assembly. Over time, hyaluronic acid loses its functionality, so synovial fluid can no longer play its role. The risk, in the long term, is that the phenomenon of osteoarthritis will set in.

To all athletes and those who want to alleviate their joint pain, joint food supplements can help! And under 2 complementary approaches that it may be interesting to combine:

  • short-term approach : to quickly relieve joint pain and sensations. This is what turmeric can do, for example. More than just a spice, it benefits from solid clinical studies which prove the beneficial action of its curcumin . The best is to choose it in vectorized form for a better assimilation.
  • long term approach: to help rebuild your joint capital. With this in mind, prefer food supplements based on collagen and ' hyaluronic acid , major constituents of the joints. For good efficiency, select formulas composed of collagen peptides (also called collagen hydrolyzate and better assimilated) of type II , THE type of joint collagen. And a good hyaluronic acid is one that covers a broad molecular weight spectrum to maximize absorption.

Because painful joints can be an ordeal, at Nutri & Co, we have developed our nutraceutical solutions for high efficiency. Our formulas are composed of ingredients whose efficacy is clinically documented and whose assimilation is precisely increased either by vectors or by particles with optimized molecular weights. And if choosing is sometimes giving up, we have chosen not to give up anything by providing you with combinable short and long term solutions.